Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Strubhar Family

Meet the Strubhar's!

They will be in a few posts this next month. We took these photos about a month ago - and then took photos of the baby, born about 3 weeks ago (he is beautiful!), and we will take another family shoot to include the little guy in a couple weeks!

We have been having a blast on all of our adventures together, and I want to thank them for letting me photograph the heck out of them! They are a beautiful family.

We started out taking some maternity photos of Jamie. This is her 5th and last baby, and she had never had them taken before. She was just glowing!

Then we moved on and took the family photos.
This next one of Mikkael and Jamie is my favorite! Beautiful.

This little guy is the cutest ever! I like to call him GQ Jak!

Next we have Max...

and Sawyer...

and Maddison.

Jak kissing the baby - ADORABLE!

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Matt and Jenni said...

Jak is QUITE the looker!! Wow, what a good lookin kid....the picture of him kissing the baby is truly adorable! Good job photog!