Monday, June 29, 2009

: Summer Special :

I have been wanting to do a special like this for quite awhile, and I finally decided that summertime is just as good a time as any to go for it!

It's pretty self explanatory, but basically if you book a session with me in the next two months, you will get a second session at half price. As long as you book that second session before the end of this year, you are golden!

This is a great opportunity for back to school photos and holiday photos later in the year.

Please let your friends and family know about this great deal!

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Elka & Blake said...

Did we decide on a day for Josie? Just let me know! I would love to participate in the special! I think a Saturday AM would be best for us. Josie is a morning girl! If we did it in the evening, we could have a cranky baby on our hands! Just give me plenty of notice, so I can get her wardrobe ready! :>