Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Senior Shoot

This is Jason - he sure is a heartbreaker!


Matt and Jenni said...

Katie!! I didn't know you did photography! Geez, what a good friend I am.... I hope it goes well for you! How cool... I do wedding flowers myself... I just find weddings to be the best! Way to go!

Madi said...

I stumbled on here from some lunch time blog jumping and your pics are so cute! You do a fantastic job - they are beautiful! I'm gonna add you if thats cool :)

Chase, Steph & Boys said...

Katie, Katie, Katie! Oh my heck I miss you! I was blog stocking and ran upon your page:) YEAH! Your picts are so cute! We are due for fam picts in about 4mo so I will definately give you a call when it gets closer. Keep in touch my dear!